With Love

It can be devastating when someone you care about passes on. My aunt passed away a few days ago. As I watched the family interacting with each other and the wake, I kept thinking about her husband. I been to many funerals, and I’ve always had “those” conversations. You know, the ones that start off with “What is _____ (insert name of the deceased one’s spouse) going to do without them?”. I’ve always thought/talked about it, but never REALLY thought about it. Maybe because I’m getting married next week, the reality is setting in that one day that is going to be me or him.

I will say that I hope that when that day comes, people will see our relationship the way that we saw my aunt and uncle’s relationship. They have known each other since teenagers, married for 49 years. They loved each other and always made each other laugh. The thing that really stands out to me is their commitment to each other. Every Friday night since they met they would go to the movies. It didn’t matter what was playing that night, it didn’t matter if they had seen it already, they just went. They got their soda and popcorn and snacks, and sat together watching a movie. Every Friday night for over 50 years! We should all hope to achieve a love like theirs.

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