Wedding Invitations 101

The first lesson I learned about wedding invitations is to have a superior proofreader to edit the invitations for you, prior to mailing them. Otherwise, you may end up, like I did, sending out invites and then finding out you didn’t put a time on them.

The second lesson I learned about wedding invitations is that no one responds to them. People, this is my wedding, not a Pampered Chef party! I have provided a response card with a stamp! All that is required is to write your name then get 30 seconds of exercise as you walk outside to the mailbox. Is this too much to ask??

All in all, invites are easy. 1) choose your favorite design and font styles 2) print, preferable on a good weight paper 3) have the guest’s addresses ready for printing 4) assemble the various parts of the invite into the envelope (response card, direction card, reception card, etc), don’t forget to pre-stamp the response card 5) send! Remember to have the weight of the invite checked for proper postage. 6) get pissed off when no one responds. It’s a good idea to set your RSVP date with enough time to call all of the “non-responders” to obtain their response. And, surprise, when you do call them, their response will be “I’ll call you back tomorrow”.

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