Is this a sign or a joke?

This is a good one. My future mother in law presented us with a gift for the wedding. It was engraved toasting flutes, engraved cake knives and a cake topper. As I am unwrapping the flutes I notice my name is spelled wrong. Not only is it spelled wrong, she has created an entirely new name. So now my flutes say Sabriner instead of Sabrina. I knew she felt bad, so I tried to not make a big deal about it. I continued to open the cake knives , where the same spelling mistake was made. Okay, so maybe she made a mistake typing my name into the online order forms. It’s possible, right? Sure it is… Until I open the handwritten card that she filled out that morning, where she made the same spelling error. After being with your son for over a decade, you wait til our wedding to start spelling my name wrong… So I ask for your help. Is this a sign? Or a passive aggressive joke?

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