At the laundromat

Today was laundry day, my favorite (sarcasm). I went to the laundromat and realized there is a lot to learn here!

Lesson 1: Everyone should be forced to spend a significant amount of time at the laundromat. It is a place of order, etiquette and courtesy. It’s amazing! Everyone is there for a common purpose, to get a job done. Where else can you go where people hold the door open for you when your carrying 20 pounds of laundry or if I leave my basket in front of a machine it’s still there when I return, along with my detergent and softener. Run out of quarters? I have an extra for you! I am amazed at how the lowly laundromat has established and maintained this unwritten code of manners and courtesy.

Lesson 2: Although they have successfully created the above mentioned code, they have yet to establish a “non-perv” code. I can leave all my belongings unattended with no problems, however, when I’m standing next to my clean clothes, panty snatchers will come right over to gander at my undies. And, no, you didn’t drop anything in my basket, perv.

Lesson 3: I need to invest in a washing machine.


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