Just get taller shoes…

imageThe tailor who is altering my wedding dress called this morning. She wanted me to come in to try on my dress, to check the fit, before she finishes it off. Her call was perfect timing! Yesterday I found a pair of shoes that I love! They are classy, sexy and comfortable; the shoe trifecta! I was going to go down to have the length checked with the new shoes anyway.

I arrived at the tailor’s, who is a small, older Chinese woman. She is very sweet and a highly recommended seamstress. I put on the dress and it fits perfectly! Then I slip on my trifecta shoes, and they look great but the length of the dress is to long. As I exit the dressing room, I bring her attention to the length of the dress. She starts to check to fit of the dress in all the areas that she had adjusted. She brings her attention to the length and appears to be in deep thought. After a minute or so of silent staring she says to me in her Chinese accent “Just get taller shoes”. Now, in my mind I’m thinking “Is this chick serious? I don’t want different shoes, I want trifecta shoes. Just get taller shoes, who says that?” But, she must be really good, because what I actually said was “Okay” as I walked back in the dressing room to get changed.

So, I guess I’m getting new shoes. And, if questioned, I will claim that ancient Chinese wisdom guided me!

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