It’s over!

All those weeks of planning and preparation, and it’s over. My wedding came and went. It was a very busy, fun and exhausting day. I’m happy to say, everything went well! The restaurant was beautiful, the food was amazing and the cake!.. Oh, the cake…it was mouthwateringly delicious.

All that’s left to do is pick out pictures for the album and thank you cards. Now that it’s over, I’m feeling very bored. So, what do I do now??….Christmas!!!

I’ve got cookies and candies to make, gifts to wrap and baskets to make! I loooove the holidays!


The wedding is tomorrow! And, of course, I have a big, red zit on my cheek. So, I was looking online for some of those secret family recipes to get rid of a zit in one day, and I came across some interesting cleaning tips. Most of them were lame, everyone knows either vinegar, baking soda or both cleans just about everything.

The best tip I found was for the garbage disposal! Cut up lemons into chunks, put the chunks into ice cube trays and fill the tray with white vinegar, then freeze. Run 2-3 cubes in the disposal til you don’t hear them anymore and your disposal will be lemony fresh! I buy every garbage disposal cleaner I can find, and this works better than all of them!




I’m deep in the heart of Christmas shopping! I do most of it online, I hate shoppining in stores this time of year. I bought my daughter one of those 2 in 1 tablets/laptop jammies. To go with it, I’m going to get her an Amazon Prime membership! Yes, you can give it as a gift now! And, she can stream movies and tv shows and download music. It’s perfect! Ahhhhhhhhh, I love Christmas victories.

<a target=”_blank”href=””>Shop Amazon – Give the Gift of Amazon Prime</a><img src=”; width=”1″ height=”1″ border=”0″ alt=”” style=”border:none !important; margin:0px !important;” />

With Love

It can be devastating when someone you care about passes on. My aunt passed away a few days ago. As I watched the family interacting with each other and the wake, I kept thinking about her husband. I been to many funerals, and I’ve always had “those” conversations. You know, the ones that start off with “What is _____ (insert name of the deceased one’s spouse) going to do without them?”. I’ve always thought/talked about it, but never REALLY thought about it. Maybe because I’m getting married next week, the reality is setting in that one day that is going to be me or him.

I will say that I hope that when that day comes, people will see our relationship the way that we saw my aunt and uncle’s relationship. They have known each other since teenagers, married for 49 years. They loved each other and always made each other laugh. The thing that really stands out to me is their commitment to each other. Every Friday night since they met they would go to the movies. It didn’t matter what was playing that night, it didn’t matter if they had seen it already, they just went. They got their soda and popcorn and snacks, and sat together watching a movie. Every Friday night for over 50 years! We should all hope to achieve a love like theirs.

Wedding Invitations 101

The first lesson I learned about wedding invitations is to have a superior proofreader to edit the invitations for you, prior to mailing them. Otherwise, you may end up, like I did, sending out invites and then finding out you didn’t put a time on them.

The second lesson I learned about wedding invitations is that no one responds to them. People, this is my wedding, not a Pampered Chef party! I have provided a response card with a stamp! All that is required is to write your name then get 30 seconds of exercise as you walk outside to the mailbox. Is this too much to ask??

All in all, invites are easy. 1) choose your favorite design and font styles 2) print, preferable on a good weight paper 3) have the guest’s addresses ready for printing 4) assemble the various parts of the invite into the envelope (response card, direction card, reception card, etc), don’t forget to pre-stamp the response card 5) send! Remember to have the weight of the invite checked for proper postage. 6) get pissed off when no one responds. It’s a good idea to set your RSVP date with enough time to call all of the “non-responders” to obtain their response. And, surprise, when you do call them, their response will be “I’ll call you back tomorrow”.